Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful day

I am having a wonderful day today and it's only 1:00 pm :) This morning I got up and went to lunch with my hubby in the chow hall! It was really nice to be able to see where he eats everyday and get some of his friends. I just had to go in and say I'm eating with my husband and pay like 4 bucks. And then it's just like eating in typical cafeteria. Although a lot of people kept staring at me cause I was probably the only person in there not in uniform. ha But overall it was really fun! I love getting to eat with my hubby.

This weekend Kendall got to come home on Sunday. We went on a walk cause it was like 70 degrees here this weekend. And we found this amazing park area right by my house with a really nice trail around a little pond. It was cool. I live in such an incredible location. I have walmart 20 sec from my house. the library within walking distance. that park. it's great!! I love our new place!

Well have a great day!

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