Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Many Posts in One

So I meant to put all these things in several different blog posts this weekend, but since we had Addie that didn't happen. So here it all is :)

Addie update: Kendall and I decided Addie was too aggressive of a puppy. More than just puppy play, she would growl and bark at us and bite us and we didn't feel like she was playing. So yesterday we made the hard decision to give her back... It was hard, but I know it was the right one. As of right now, we aren't going to get another puppy for a while. We'll wait til our situation is a little different.

She was too cute :( But it's for the better.

So this weekend Kendall and I got a $30 weed wacker from walmart to cut our backyard. (It's honestly a really crappy one...) :) But we officially cut our yard for the first time!
While he was cutting the yard we found a little visitor who was staying in our backyard
Welcome to the south! Wouldn't find one of these sitting around back home.

This weekend I also learned the difference between cook and defrost on the microwave after causing this to happen...
I had put the beef in on defrost for 9 minutes. but it wasn't enough so I wanted to add another 2 minutes. So i just did the cook thing for 2 minutes.... OOPS

On another note, before we moved we were given a table with 6 chairs. Such a blessing! However, the chairs for the table look like they may not have been fixed since the 70s :) (Might be a slight exaggeration) But here is a picture of the chairs before.

under the seats.
So I decided I wanted to refinish them since they weren't the best looking chairs we could have. So yesterday I found this amazing fabric and I started the project. One of my biggest curses when it comes to art is that once I start a project I don't like to stop. I don't want to stop because later I might not be in the same mood and when i'm in a different mood my art looks different. So needless to say, I started the chairs yesterday evening and I finished them at 5am. That's right! 5 in the morning. I actually could text Kendall when I was done because he was getting up for his day then. ha

So here are the finished chairs! (I only finished 5 chairs, one was too rusted and such to fix.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Its been a few days

i know I haven't updated in a few days. Its kind of been one of those weeks. ha. Yesterday Kendall and I got a puppy named Addy. :) I absolutely love her, but she definitely drives me nuts sometimes. Like when she bites me (we're working on that) or when she chews everything. I definitely have to watch her at all times right now. But its a good learning experience for me for sure. Just learning to be firm with her.

So Kendall and I have been married for 6 months :) Its really exciting! So tonight he gets to come home and I'm making a really big dinner. I'm making a cheesy potato soup in the crockpot. and I'm going to make us steaks and some veggies :) I'm really excited for it!! I just wish I wasn't so stinkin tired! lol

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

oh what a day

Today has been a really good day overall! I had some of the most interesting experiences I've had in a while and made some new friends :) Today Kendall's buddy got married. This whole thing was kind of decided a few days ago that they were going to do this so everything got put together really fast. So one of his buddies ordered a cake from Publix. ha (it was really good!) and before the service kendall and I had to go pick it up. Thinking that the publix by my house was the only one on Washington Street(big mistake because washington street is a REALLY long street) Kendall and I headed there to pick up the cake. needless to say, we had to run all the way to the other side of town (driving across town takes a good 30 minutes) to pick up this cake.

After that we went to the chapel where they were having the ceremony. This place was definitely interesting. The woman who owned the place was very eccentric. Really nice, but kind of not all there. In the house was all these different things for all these different religions. Clutter galore! Luckily she had a pretty little gazebo in the backyard where we had the ceremony. I can't really explain this service to you except that the only way I can even remotely explain it to you is this: When she was saying how they were getting married in the state of Georgia she threw in (rather loudly) "How 'bout them bulldogs!" But it was still good and we all left laughing and still excited :)

Love's Wedding Chapel
Love of "Love's wedding Chapel"
The gazebo they had the ceremony in.
This was in the backyard
I believe this is baby Jesus.

One of their sergeants hooked them up with a limo service. So we had a white stretch limo to ride to dinner in. That was really fun. He also told them of this really nice restaurant (one of the nicest in Georgia) that we should go to. And I must say, this place was DEFINITELY the nicest restaurant I've been in. It was in downtown Augusta in an old victorian house.
Our limo :)

You open the door and there is a beautiful grand staircase and chandeliers everywhere! The whole feel of the place was amazing. There were 7 of us (3 couples and one couple's daughter). Our table was very nicely set and we had a very fun waiter (He could tell we were a pretty fun bunch so he let go a little and wasn't uptight like he was supposed to be). There were so many things about this place that were just so nice. Like how in the bathroom you could use either paper towels to dry your hands or an actual cloth. and they actually have a bottle of wine on their HUGE wine list that is $6500! He was telling us how he's actually not allowed to card anyone who comes in because it's considered rude. The average price for meals was around $30 although they had meals as expensive at $60.

When you receive your food it is covered. They then reveal everyone's food at the same time. Kendall ordered a meal that had several different kinds of meat on it. All of which I tried (go me.) He had quail, ostrich, and buffalo... The quail was really good. the Ostrich was not so good. He liked it, but I did not. I had this incredible chicken which rice, gravy and apples. It was fantastic. We were then served the wedding cake as our desert which was very tasty. All-together we had a really great time! I had the chance to become friend's with two new ladies both of which are very nice! And we are hoping that our hubbies get stationed at the same bases so that we will get to move together! Our new friend's are a story in and of themselves, but long story short we are all Christian families and all have close family ties to the church which is awesome. I'm really hoping God has a lot planned for our families!

our table
Our place setting
The chandeliers
The wine we had with dinner
The complementary appetizer. Don't ask my what it was I don't know. lol

This was definitely a night I will remember :)

Well have a great day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can't sleep...

I want so badly to sleep right now, but i finally have given up on it... I laid in bed for over an hour tonight but I just could not fall asleep for the life of me. My mind just won't stop thinking! I am truly envious of a males capability to literally think nothing at all. I have never, not thought anything. that would be wonderful sometimes!!

I'm such a planner, I love to be able to figure things out and plan how they are going to go. Things like where we are going, what we are going to do, etc... I love that feeling of knowing how things will turn out. Well in this season of my life I don't get that luxury anymore. We literally can't plan anything and it sucks. So it puts me in a little bit of place where I don't really know what to do. Like I would spend so much time planning things and now i have nothing to plan... so I do it with other things: money, my day, dinner, my weekend (although even my weekends I can't really plan out cause we never know what they will look like...) and occasionally I try to plan life AFTER the army... but that's just as much unknown as life right now... It's just so hard for me feeling so helpless in that area. Definitely takes lots of trust that's for sure.

I know everything will work out and it will all be fine, but sometimes I just can't see it. I feel like i'm walking blindly through life, not by choice but by necessity. I can honestly say that even the smallest bit of information would feel amazing right now. even if that information was simply his graduation date or when we will move. something. but no. not now. I must wait more. waiting is my new norm. and that's just how it is...

Have a good day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kinda busy week

I finally have my kitchen back!! since we had a cookout and a bunch of people over this weekend my kitchen was a MESS!!! so it's SOO nice to finally have it back to normal. So yesterday I went grocery shopping for my new diet. It took so long cause I didn't know what half the stuff in the recipes were and I didn't organize the stuff I just went with the recipes. So i'm sure I forgot something. But i've done really well the last two days! Not only have I eaten really well but I've also worked out the last two days. Last night I could barely sleep because of how bad my body hurt! haha. Muscles I didn't even know I had hurt!! But I'm really excited for it. I already feel better!

So Kendall is now on the Echo company track team :) He's so excited to finally get to do track again and I'm really excited to get to go to his track meets! I believe he's going to be the long jumper. Pretty exciting, I must say.

Well I'm off, I'll update more later!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonderful Monday Morning

Most people dread Monday morning, as do I usually. However, it's only 1pm and I have already had a great Monday. This weekend I decided I was finally going to start a diet and workout program. Then my husband so loving pointed out that I never finish anything... So i'm now determined to finish this simply to show him he's wrong :) Plus I really need to get in shape and such. So I started this 4 week plan from Fitness Magazine. :)

So this morning I made eggs, which lots of cheese and salsa :) It was SOOO yummy! Great way to start my morning! then I did the workouts they have on the plan and went for a 20-30 minute walk/run. it was beautiful so I really enjoyed it. And now i'm getting ready to head out to the store to buy healthy food, since I have pretty much no healthy food.... ha.

Oh and did I mention its a great monday cause it's like almost 60 degrees and sooo nice out!!

This weekend we had a bunch of Kendall's buddies over which was really fun. At first only 4 guys came over. and we had a cookout and such. But then like 6? more people came. It was definitely fun to meet his friends, although I had met most of these people before. But regardless, I enjoyed it. It was the first time we've had company since we moved in (besides move in weekend when my family was helping us move.) I believe next weekend one of Kendall's friend's wife and daughter are coming into town (they'll be moving here later.) So we're probably going to have them over for a bit which will be fun.

Well, have a great day! I know I will :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today is the day!

Today is the day I get to go pick up Kendall to spend the weekend with him. it's so exciting!! Time is NOT going fast enough though. I just want it to be 6:00ish already! cause then I can go get him. But that's okay. I'll probably end up taking a nap and then making cookies or something like that to help the time go a little faster. Although I want to eat better and such... cookies aren't really on that diet. but idk...

this one's short I know, but I'll write more again soon,

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spiders and calamari

Several things have been really exciting the last few days. Today Kendall phased up to a phase 5+. Now he gets to come home on the weekends for the entire weekend. Tonight we went out to dinner with a bunch of his friends and we all ordered WAY too much pizza. actually for 6 of us we ordered 1 personal pan pizza, 1 large pizza, 2 medium pizzas, 2 desert pizzas, 2 things of garlic bread, and 25 hot wings..... Needless to say, I have 3 boxes FULL of leftover pizza and wings (since the guys couldn't take food back to the barracks I had to take it all.)

I'm so proud of Kendall. He tried so hard to get the 304 on his pt test. One of his friends has been a great help these last few days. When he saw that Kendall was struggling running in the heat, his friend left his formation and ran with Kendall to help him keep pace. and when Kendall needed a haircut in order to phase up, his friend cut his hair in 3 minutes right before they did so. We are very grateful for his help! We are now praying that Kendall's sergeant will be able to help Kendall find a way to live with me.

A few nights ago I went out with a friend for a late dinner. While we were there I decided to try my first dose of seafood (although it was super fried, so I still don't completely count it on my list of things I need to try. I want to try much more than this.). Anyways, So I tried Calamari. It actually was pretty good! A little chewy, but still good. I was so proud of myself!!! First bit of seafood in YEARS! seriously. The reason I don't eat seafood is really unknown, I just always haven't. I think I didn't like fish and apparently all seafood came with that. And I just would never eat any of it.

I have faced another fear of mine lately too: Spiders. So I have a nice house here in Georgia which is usually bug free... EXCEPT after it rains... I get these giant, quarter sized spiders... So today It was raining (It's supposed to rain for the next 2 days.... i'm kinda freaking out.) But anyways, it was raining so I knew there was a possibility of big spiders again. Since the last one crawled right up next to me I have been scared ever since. Its so dumb to be scared of something that is around the size of my big toe, but hey, I am. Terrified actually. But I live alone, so either I have giant spiders, or i get over it and kill them (Most times it takes me a few minutes to get up the fear though. I can kill the little ones no problem, but the big ones are GROSS!).

So today I knew there were probably going to be big spiders again, so I asked God if he would at least show them to me. Have them crawl across the floor or something so I see them before they crawl on me, and he came through once again! Tonight at 1:45 I decided I needed to write something down when I turned the lights back on after going to bed. I then saw in the corner something big and black in the corner, it was then that I knew... there was another one. So I put on my bath robe and some big winter boots and mustered up the courage and ran to the corner to kill it. It took two stomps to kill, but i got it!!! Then I went on a spider searching spree! I asked God to continue to show me them and I found one more (much smaller though) behind my couch. So I literally moved the couch to kill it. ha.
my amazing spider killing wardrobe!
The dead spider's remnants (however, a lot were on my shoe too...)
The big nasty thing against my wall. I didn't want to get any closer...

It has definitely been an eventful last few days that's for sure!!! And although my plans were ruined when I found out I could no longer go home for the weekend, I'm sure this weekend still have lots of fun things in store.

Well have a good day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exciting day!

So today Kendall took a pt test and he got a 300! Which means that he gets to skip phase 5 and now he is a phase 5+. so on the weekends he gets to come home the whole weekend!! I am sooo stinking excited! And I'm soo proud of my hubby! It's not easy to get a 300 on your pt test. He did 72 pushups in 2 min., 78 situps in 2 minutes, and ran 2 miles in 12:45. I'm a little bummed i'm going out of town this weekend. lol cause he hasn't been home for 2 weeks. But that's okay. Next weekend will be incredible!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear John and such

I had a wonderfully calm day. This morning I woke up at 8:30 because I need to stop sleeping until noon. And I went on base to help Kendall and his friend move their stuff to their new barracks (They threw everything into my car and I drove across base with the stuff while the had to walk there. I just saved them from carrying everything). As I was waiting for them to get there to get their stuff I started to read Dear John. All that said, I have basically spent my entire day reading. It was beautiful outside so I opened the windows and everything. It was really nice. The only breaks from reading I took were to take some pictures and to have a lovely dinner with my hubby on base.

I finished the book a few minutes ago (Yes, I read it in one day). It was really good. I love when books and stuff inspire me to be a better person.

When I used to read love stories I would always fall in love with the character. I would want to know that guy because he was perfect. And I was always so sad when I reminded myself, he doesn't exist. However, that has all changed. Now when I read stories like that It just makes me love and miss my hubby even more. I no longer fall in love with the guy from the book, I have my guy from the book. As cheesy as that sounds, its true. Kendall has always been one to open the door for me, even before the Army (now he just does it even more) And he has always made sure to balance my needs with those of his own. Before he left he made sure to make time for the things that were important to me (although they are cheesy I'm such a hopeless romantic. So I've always wanted the big date nights, the drives through the country, and the cheesy things they did in A Walk to Remember (I see a theme, Nicholas Sparks is a genius)). However, whenever Kendall was home he made sure that he made time for those things in between his video games and playing guitar. That has always meant so much to me.

I'm not really sure why i'm writing this on here for all to read, but I wanted to write it somewhere ha. So here we are.

I guess I'm just saying I don't need that guy from the love story anymore, because I have my own story right here, although it's not even close to being finished. I'm aware there will be those struggles, I mean come on, what story doesn't have them? Everything is perfect and then things happen and they have to work through it. But in the end it was always worth whatever work it took to get there. I know to some that may seem naive or a foolish way of thought, and maybe it is. But i would much rather live my life naively yet intensely happy, then so realistic you can't see the magic in anything.

So I've decided I'm going to live my life with that magic. I'm starting a list of things that I want to do (Note new addition to the sidebar). Most of them pretty simple, some more complex. Although my ultimate goal is to do them before I die, we're going to say I want to do them before Kendall deploys (We'll do a short-term goal here :)). Now, I don't know when Kendall is going to deploy. It could be as soon as 4 months from now, it could be in a year, or it could not happen, we don't know. But i think that's the fun in it. I don't know. We're in this situation now, whether we want to be here or not, so why not make the most of it? Why not live the life we've always wanted, even if it's in a little more of an unconventional way?

Now how I got to my goals from talking about my husband i'm not really sure ha. I guess that has to be due with me being spaghetti (if you're wondering what that means just ask). So sorry for those of you who are waffles (again, you can just ask) and didn't quite follow... :)

Well I guess all I can say is Have a nice day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

An overall good day

Today had a bit of a rough beginning. I was really discouraged because I don't really know what I want to do with my life and such. and I don't use my time the best way I could and I need to start doing some things differently. But it's just been really hard figuring all that out. Plus I haven't really gotten to spend much time with Kendall lately and I won't be able to until probably March 19 or 20. which i know isn't too bad in comparison to other things, but it still sucks.

However, tonight I at least got to have dinner with him :) which was great! I went and got us McDonalds and we ate it outside his barracks (although it got really chilly at night. so it wasn't the most comfortable thing). It's always hard visiting him on base cause when he's in his uniform we can't have any form of pda at all. No holding hands, no kisses goodbye, no hugs... So whenever we leave it's just like well... bye. It's a little weird, but i won't complain. :) I get to see him that's all that matters!

Tomorrow morning Kendall is moving barracks again. Right now he's actually in barracks for another company, but they didn't have room in his company's barracks for everyone. So tomorrow morn they are moving. Kendall is a little bummed because right now he has a room with only 3 other guys and when he moves he won't have separate rooms anymore. It's just one big open room. But he'll be closer to everything which will be nice. Right now he has to walk like 20 minutes to each of his formations and stuff. So that will save him a lot of time in the future.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be taking pictures for 2 different families. I'm really excited for it! I'm really starting to get more pictures for the portfolio I lost. So soon I will be able to get my new website up and running and get my name out there! My goal is that by the time we get to our duty station I can get my name out while we are there. :) Hopefully everything will turn out alright!

Well, have a great day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've been sick the last 2 days. It's really sucked cause it was my first time being sick without anyone being able to be there for me. My hubby couldn't come home and my mom lives almost a thousand miles away. There is nothing like having your mom there when you are sick. It really made me miss home. so last night I did a walmart run and i got myself Nyquil, daytime sinus meds and advil pm. ha. I was really hoping to sleep. I took the Nyquil around 6, but by midnight I was awake again... I was up til 4 in the morning when i finally fell back to sleep and slept til 11:30. so altogether i got like 13 and a half hours of sleep, but it just got broken into pieces.
Well that's all the energy I have to write right now, but i'll update more later :)

Have a great day!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So we finally got paid yesterday. which was great because i had very little in my house to eat. So I finally got food to cook with. I'm so excited because I get to make all kinds of new things! Tonight I made a bunch of my stuffed shells that I'm going to freeze and then I can cook them whenever I want one :) (Thanks to my sister for this idea!) and I'm also making this really yummy corn and pea salad thing. It's amazing. And tomorrow I'm going to make awesome homemade tacos! Hopefully Kendall will be planning on eating at his regular chow hall so i can tell him not to and bring him homemade food :) Otherwise I guess I'll take them to him another time.

Kendall has been working really hard on getting everything ready to phase up. And we are praying that he will have everything done by Wednesday. He has to write out by hand a 20ish page thing that has all their rules and stuff. (no joke, twenty pages!) and so that would be the only thing we aren't sure if he will have done by Wednesday. But even if he can't get it done he can always phase up the following wednesday. So it's not a huge deal.

Well have a great night!

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