Monday, March 1, 2010


So we finally got paid yesterday. which was great because i had very little in my house to eat. So I finally got food to cook with. I'm so excited because I get to make all kinds of new things! Tonight I made a bunch of my stuffed shells that I'm going to freeze and then I can cook them whenever I want one :) (Thanks to my sister for this idea!) and I'm also making this really yummy corn and pea salad thing. It's amazing. And tomorrow I'm going to make awesome homemade tacos! Hopefully Kendall will be planning on eating at his regular chow hall so i can tell him not to and bring him homemade food :) Otherwise I guess I'll take them to him another time.

Kendall has been working really hard on getting everything ready to phase up. And we are praying that he will have everything done by Wednesday. He has to write out by hand a 20ish page thing that has all their rules and stuff. (no joke, twenty pages!) and so that would be the only thing we aren't sure if he will have done by Wednesday. But even if he can't get it done he can always phase up the following wednesday. So it's not a huge deal.

Well have a great night!

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Anne said...

The blog is looking good! :) I made stuffed shells this weekend too and they're all in my freezer...waiting for me to eat them :)

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