Friday, December 18, 2009

I get to pick him up!

So, yesterday i drove down here to Radcliff Kentucky to pick my soldier up in the morning. sleeping was impossible. They gave him his phone back so i got to talk to him for a couple hours! that was amazing!!! but it definitely made sleep not happen. Not that i'm complaining. I'm very happy to give up some sleep to talk to him. I can not wait to see him!!! I will be tired today, but it will be amazing!! to get to see him in his uniform (he saved a brand new one just for me!) and a barrette. I just feel like it's been so long. Sometimes I feel like two weeks is not long enough haha. It's really hard, but I'm so proud of my hubby!

Last night I went to Elizabethtown. I was really excited but i couldn't find all the places from the movie... kinda a bummer. but i went shopping so that was fun! ha. I'm so nervous to pick kendall up. Its going to be awesome! We are going to the airport today so that he can say bye to his friends and I can meet them!! he said he brags about me all the time. I feel so special!

Well its time to get ready for my day!!! I have said this a lot but i can NOT WAIT to see him!!! I miss him so much! this whole process is so hard, but i know that we can do it.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

12/12/09 10:50am

Today I am going to visit my sister up near the Chicago area. I'm really excited because I get to see her and I haven't really hung out with her for a while! It's kinda a bummer though because that means I won't get any of my mail until wednesday. So hopefully I will have a lot of letters on Wednesday!!! I'm really excited because I get to go pick Kendall up on Friday morning at 6:00 am (or 0600..) ha I can not wait for that first hug! I have missed him so much! He told me that he will be able to call me tomorrow, however, usually when they tell him he can call they lie and decide that he actually won't get to call... kinda lame. But nonetheless I will have my phone glued to my side as it has been since he left.

Sometimes this whole thing is really hard. I miss him like crazy! I miss being able to share our lives with each other. I miss being able to talk to him everyday. I miss his hugs. When I am sad he knows exactly how to make things better. And so that is really hard. but there have also been some incredible things too. God has worked in both our lives in incredible ways and he is just continuing to work! Kendall and I became Christians about a month and a half ago and life has not been the same. Christ is what keeps us going. We have learned that we need to rely on him in everything! and that we can not do this alone. I know I would be incredibly depressed had I had to do this all alone. This whole experience has also made me feel closer to kendall is a different way. Like we are growing closer to God and therefore he is growing us closer to each other. I love it :)

Well I need to hit the road to go see my sister!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Today 12/12/09

i've been meaning to start this blog a long time ago, i just never really got around to it. I have decided to use it as my way to let things out. Sometimes i will be happy, others i will probably be sad... But altogether this is my story... an army wife.

I have been an army wife since Nov. 4, 2009. All this is very new to me. My husband is currently in Basic Training, so it has been really hard not being able to talk to him very much. As of now, I have spoken to him 2 times. Once for 5 minutes, the other for about 30 seconds... (I missed his first 3 calls). Fortunately, I get to see him in a week. We have been blessed with great timing. His BCT goes over Christmas and therefore he get a two week break for Christmas Exodus. I am so grateful for this time together.

I'll have to write more later because I have a terrible headache and need to sleep. Since about Thanksgiving i have had a constant headache almost everyday and for the last week or so sleeping seems almost impossible. Thank God for Tylenol PM! ha.

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