Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life has been really crazy but exciting lately. We no longer have Internet at the house so my blog posts may be longer in between. Although I do now have an iPhone. Which definitely helps me with being able to get online :)

So I'm an aunt! My sister had Rilyn at the beginning of this month. It was very exciting! She's beautiful. I would post a picture but idk how to from my phone. She is now only waking up once during the night. Which I'm sure is a blessing to my sister.

Kendall will be done with all his training in 3 and a half weeks. We are very excited. He is hoping to get something called atrap aka hometown recruiting. Basically we would go home for 2 weeks and he would work with the recruiters before we move. Please pray for this as it would mean we'd get a chance to spend some time at home before our next move.

Speaking of moving. After all of this we will be moving down to Texas. It will be a little stressful as we won't know where we will live til we get there because we want to see the place before we move in. The army will put us up in a hotel for ten days. So hopefully we can settle everything within those ten days! :) so please please pray that everything will get figured out and go smoothely.

Well that's all for now.
Have a great day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

the unfortunate life of not having a computer

Okay the pictures will be up soon, because they aren't working right now!

So this past few weeks I have not had the opportunity to have a computer. My charger broke and we had to wait to order another one. Today I had a wonderful surprise when I went to get the mail, my charger was in there! I was not expecting it until this coming Tuesday. Needless to say i'm ecstatic. It has been way too long since I have been able to get on my computer. I didn't even have my music, it was terrible. haha So here is yet another giant update. Hopefully now they will start being more regular again.

Today is Kendall's birthday. He turned 19 today. :) Happy birthday, baby!!! Here is the wonderful cake I made for him.

two weeks ago Kendall's mom and brother came and stayed with us. Although the weekend didn't quite work out the way we wanted it to, it was still fun. Kendall's company had gotten in a lot of trouble and he wasn't allowed the usual amount of time home. However, we all stayed in high spirits even with the many hours of waiting til he could come home. During that time we took a little bit of time to tour fort Gordon.

Last weekend a few friends and I went to a fair that they were having at Fort Gordon. Although it was really fun, one of the rides definitely made us feel sick. it spun in circles WAY too quickly. Here are some pictures from that :)

As for now that is all that i can think of that are big updates.
Have a great day!

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