Tuesday, September 28, 2010

its been almost 2 weeks...

So Kendall has been gone for almost two weeks... unfortunately it feels like it has been longer. Time is definitely not going as fast as I would like it to be going.

Today I am going to be going out and trying to get a job.. I will probably also go out and take some new pictures... idk. I will be updating my photography website within the next few days so when it is up I'll let you know so everyone can check it out!!!

Well i don't have too much to write right now but I will probably update later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its been one year.

A year ago today Kendall and I promised our lives to each other. This has been the most amazing year! Although I didn't get to actually live with him except for about 3 or so months, the times we have spent together and the ways we have grown have been incredible. Kendall and I have such a special relationship.

Recently, through conversations with my parents, I discovered that not everyone marries their best friend. Yes, they are friends, but not truly best friends. That that is rare in today's society. That had never occurred to Kendall or I. Kendall is my best friend. I have other good friendships, but none of them are like my friendship with my husband. I literally tell him everything and he is incredible enough to listen even when it's not necessarily the most interesting stories.

So babe, here is to you, my best friend...

-Thank you for always listening when I make a story that could be told in 2 minutes into a 20 minute thing.
-Thank you for always wanting me to go for the things I want to, even if they are unconventional and maybe a little unrealistic.
-Thank you for supporting me in everything, even if the decision isn't always the easiest, I know that you will back me no matter what.
-Thank you for wanting to much to care for me and provide for me. That means more than I could ever put in words.
-Thank you for a year full of fun, laughs, hugs, and new experiences. Things are are never dull when we are together.
-Thank you for encouraging me to always do my best at everything I do. That always keeps me going.
-Thank you for being there to talk when I need to.
-Thank you for being patient with me, I know I need that often :)
-and Thank you for loving me. That alone makes my day better.

I know that I could keep going a lot longer, but that would take incredibly too long. I know that God worked out our lives so that we would meet our junior year of high school and I can never thank him enough for that. I can honestly say my life is better because of Kendall.

Here are a few pictures to highlight our last year together!

Happy anniversary babe! Can't wait to have more!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's good to be home.

When Dorthy says "There's no place like home" she has a lot of wisdom in that. Whatever home is for you, there is no place that that one when things are rough. It's also just as amazing when things are good too :)

I know, even from only a few days, that it's so good that I'm home during this time apart from Kendall. I would be struggling so much had I decided to stay at Fort Hood. That would have been a really hard things to deal with. Its wonderful to be home around my family, friends and just in a town I know and love. This place is truly my home, from the endless horizon to coffee shops. I absolutely love it here. Although I wish Kendall could be here with me.

Here is a little picture highlight of the past few months. Most of these pictures I finally got off my camera and some of these are very recent from the last few days.

Not too long ago we went boating with some friends. While we were there we went tubing! Here are Kendall and I tubing.

This was taken while we were at SeaWorld in July, waiting in a long line.

a few miles south of Austin, TX is this area with some hiking and waterfalls that people swim in! It was so much fun swimming in it.

Kendall's formation before he left for his deployment

The boys carrying Kendall's bags to drop them off

Well this is just a small preview of some of the pictures i've taken recently. I will do another post like this soon with some pictures that are more recent.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 17, 2010

You can't wear shorts and a tank top in September here...

It's really weird not having Kendall around to talk to all the time and stuff. it just feels like something is missing. But i know that as time goes on things will begin to feel normal again. Plus getting to talk to him helps so much!! even if it's just for a few minutes.

He said that where he is in Kuwait is really enjoyable. There are lots of things to do and everything is pretty nice, so he doesn't mind being there. Which is really good to hear. I like to know that he isn't miserable being there.

Right now i'm taking a little break before I begin putting everything away. I have so many things that need to be put away. I have clothes that either need to go in a plastic tub or a drawer, items that need to be repacked and things that need to searched out and found. Plus I want to get most of this stuff put away today so that A. I don't have to deal with it anymore and B. so that it's out of my family's way.

I am still not used to living at home again. it's kind of weird. I have a new bedroom and it just feels different. But i know that it's going to be a good change :) Plus, i really missed my family so i'm excited to get to see everyone a lot more often!!

OH! and in regards to my title... this morning I was not thinking and went outside in short and a tank top (this is very typical clothing in texas however.... not in the fall in Illinois). Definitely was not thinking about the temperature difference... Needless to say, it was quite cold! I now need to dig out my fall/winter clothes which i'm excited to get to wear them again. Fall is my favorite season!

Tonight i will putting tons of pictures from my camera and phone onto the computer, so tomorrow I should have a post with lots of pictures and such :)

How has your day been today?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day to say goodbye... at least for now.

So today I had to say goodbye to my hubby as he is leaving for Iraq. My dad flew into town and we spent a majority of the day hanging and getting things ready for him. These goodbyes are definitely hard as I know they are for a while.

Here's a few things that make it hard:
1. that sinking feeling that this isn't the first time i'll miss him for the next year.
2. knowing that my best friend is across the world kinda sucks...
3. i mean, come on... who likes to say goodbye to anyone...not me! :)

But there are several things that make things a little bit better for me.
1. Knowing he will be back soon
2. knowing that we will be able to skype and such really helps
3. knowing that no matter what our relationship will not change and we will still be best friends regardless of where in the world we are.
4. going home to be with family and friends
5. knowing that in a year we will get to go apartment hunting and such is exciting haha.
6. and finally... Knowing that he loves me no matter what makes it all better.

So although I will miss him every day, and want to talk to him constantly (ha), I know that things will be okay.

My best friend is still my best friend no matter what is what keeps me going definitely!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Been a long weekend (which is a good thing)

This weekend has seemed like it's been extra long because Kendall had all day on Friday off work. It's been really nice to get all this time to hang out. although we haven't really done much these last two days the time together is irreplaceable. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend so much time with him. In 13 days we will have been married for a year. it's crazy that it's already been that long:)

Here are a few lessons in marriage I've learned over the last year:

1. Sometimes you have to take the time for your marriage even if it means you have to put something like school off til later. Had I not stayed here for this month with my hubby and had gone home earlier to go to school, I would have missed out of so much in my relationship with my husband.

2. A regular date night is very important, not only for yourself, but also for your spouse. If you take the time together away from the usual not only rekindles things, but it also gives you a chance to be alone. Make sure you turn your phones on silent and truly enjoy the time together! :)

3. Don't forget to have fun!

4. The little things make a bigger deal to your spouse than you realize. From making dinner for when your spouse gets home from work, to picking things up, to giving them a simple back rub. It all makes a difference.

5. Don't feel like you always have to be DOING something. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing together is perfect time spent together. If you are always doing something you can end up burnt out and not truly enjoying all your time together.

Well those are just a few of the many lessons I've learned, and I know there are so many more to come!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day at a State Park

Today, Kendall and I went to Colorado Bend State Park here in Texas. It was a little over an hour of a drive and it was gorgeous!! They had a waterfall call Gorman Falls. We had to hike a mile and half to get to this really pretty waterfall (so altogether a 3 mile walk there and back). The entire hike was mostly in the sun which wasn't too bad when we were walking downhill on the first mile and a half... However, when you have to go back up the hill and only have hot water with you its a lot harder.

I did realize the importance of working out though. About 2 months ago Kendall and I went hiking in Austin, TX and altogether it was probably about a mile at the most, not too bad. however I was really struggling on the way back up. About a month ago I started working out regularly which has made so many differences in my energy levels! One of the differences was today. The way back was really hard for me, but i went a lot farther than I had in the past.

If I didn't work out, I wouldn't have been able to make it to see this gorgeous waterfall!! So Here are some pictures so you can enjoy this, however if you are in this area ever, you should just go see it yourself.

This is Gorman Falls!

The View on the way down the hill

a lone flower on the trail

What most of trail looked like

On the way there I saw a turtle in the road, luckily I caught it so that I didn't hit it. We then stopped the car and took the turtle off the road so that he didn't get hit by a car :)

Overall it was a really good day! Hope everyone else had a great day as well.

Also, my hubby just started his own blog that he is going to keep while he's in Iraq, so you should check that out HERE

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey blog! it's been a while

Hey blog world, it's been a while. i've been really bad about this lately. I'm going to try to get better about it but i won't promise anything. :)

I will be moving back to Illinois next week which i am very excited about. I'm not so excited about the reason in which i'm going, but that's okay. I don't really feel like i have too much to blog about lately so i'm just going to post a bunch of pictures i've taken lately. Tomorrow kendall and I are going to this really cool state park with waterfall's so i will post all about that then!!

so as for now... Here is some of my photography :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not too much going on

There hasn't been too much going on lately, which is why I haven't posted much... so sorry about that ha.

Two weeks ago Kendall and I headed home for a week :) It was wonderful to be able to go home. I very much miss it! Neither of us wanted to leave when the week finished. But it was okay. Kendall had almost the entire week off last week which was really nice! We have gotten lots of time to spend together over the last two weeks. I have loved it!

Well That's really all i can think of at the moment. Hopefully i will be able to write more soon.

Kendall and I have a marriage retreat this weekend so i'm sure I'll have lots to write after that!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 days til we are home!

Kendall and I can not WAIT til we get to go home on this coming Monday. We are very excited to see everyone. I'm also very excited to move home next month, however it's not going to be the same without my best friend there... But it'll be okay :) I'm going to try lots of new things and take advantage of the time.

Today has been an amazing day. I've been really productive and I feel great! I made a list last night of what my morning needed to look like and it made everything go really well. I started my morning off by getting out of bed, opening all the blinds, and eating a healthy breakfast :) After some time in the Word, I went and had a great workout. And then had a healthy lunch. It's amazing the difference the food you eat and exercise makes on your day, your attitude, and just overall happiness. Its been a really good day!

Have a great day as well!!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going to bed is like having a sleepover with my best friend!

Last night when going to bed Kendall, who was exhausted, asked jokingly if we could have a night where we just go to bed. On several occasions I have wished for the same thing, just to get in bed and go to sleep. However, i wouldn't trade that time just hanging out with my best friend for anything! We will lay in bed for over an hour and joke with each other and just laugh about things that aren't really funny at all.

I LOVE that time with my hubby. Since he's at work from 5 in the morning til sometimes as late at 8pm I don't get the same amount of time together during the day as we used to. This isn't a bad thing, it just makes those times just hanging out with my best friend having a little sleep over so much fun! I am sure gonna miss that over the next year.

Today Kendall and I are going to be having a date day of sorts :) We are going to shopping with our spending money for this pay period and then we are going to go play putt-putt and go go-carting! I'm quite excited for it!! Here is us this morning while getting ready for the day!

It's going to be a great day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This week is going by very fast

Currently listening: Sufjan Stevens - Come on! Feel the Illinoise!

Man, it's already Thursday!! I totally thought it was Wednesday! I was so surprised when Kendall told me it was Thursday lol. definitely a good thing though. That means the weekend is here a lot sooner. Which mean Kendall doesn't have to work!! YAY

I'm very excited because in about a week and a half we get to go home for a week! I can't wait to see my family and everyone again. I miss everybody so much!! However, going home also means that Kendall is leaving soon, which isn't as exciting. However, its all a part of this life, so i'm okay with it. I just want to get it over with. Thank God i'm moving home to be around my family, I would go crazy if I stayed here!!! There is very little to do here. When I actually move home i'll be looking for a full-time job to keep my busy and to help us save some more money.

Kendall and I have decided that for the next 3 years we are going to save money like crazy and we will hopefully be able to put somewhere around 100,000 dollars down on a house in Bloomington!! If we play our cards right we will have our house totally paid off before we are 25. and then we will be completely debt free for the rest of our lives! With no mortgage think of how much money we can save!! I'm very excited. I'm also very glad to finally have some focus with our money.

Budgeting money is such a pain in the butt, but i've started to realize the benefit of keeping track of it. When you have a successful budget (which can take several months to truly be successful) you really have control over where your money goes. About 2 weeks ago I finally started actually writing all our expenses down in a checkbook register on excel. It has amazed me how much money we spend that isn't budgeted in! Fast food, extra items at walmart, even extra groceries, It has all totally surprised me. I didn't realize how far off our budget we actually went. Needless to say, we will be doing a lot better in the future! (of course in a little over a month Kendall leaves and our budget changes again! ha)

well have a great day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A trip to Sea World!!

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This weekend Kendall and I made a spur of the moment trip to Sea World. It was so much fun!! It is about 3 hours south of us, a bit of a drive, but we loved the time we got to spend together. It's always fun to do different things with our time together. I have never been to Sea World before, so i absolutely loved getting to go!! We went on a few water rides and a roller coaster which was very fun. We also saw all kinds of animals, the penguins were fun :) Unfortunately all the pictures I took that day are on my camera, which i don't have a cord for... so i can't get any of them off of it to post on here. At the end of the day we spent the most time in the water park portion of Sea World, which was by far our favorite! Overall it was a great trip, much worth it.

This morning I had some extra time so I decided to make my first homemade pie!!! It was cherry!

I was quite impressed with how it turned out!!! and it tasted fabulous! I took a few freedoms with the recipe and it turned out quite tasty. Kendall really enjoyed it. :) I was really proud that it turned out so well.

Well that's all for now!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Day

Currently Drinking: McAlister's half sweet-half unsweet tea

Yesterday Kendall's battalion had a family fun day at the Fort Hood Recreation Area. We didn't know this place existed, but it was gorgeous.

It is located on a Belton Lake, about 30 minutes from our house, on base. There are tons of hills and a beautiful lake. It was very fun. There was a water slide and an area where you could go swimming in the lake.

Last night I also made a fabulous homemade pizza. I'm quite proud of it. It was really healthy and a huge hit with Kendall!

I bought a pizza crust that you just added water to (I would have made it from scratch but i didn't have all the needed ingredients). I then just piled on tons of fresh veggies we both enjoy: Green onions, red peppers, yellow onions, rosemary, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Then I just topped it with fresh cut mozzarella cheese :)
It was quite tasty! I will be making it again soon!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starbucks now has FREE wifi!!!!

I believe my life just got so much better!! Starbucks is one of my favorite places to just sit and hang out and now they offer FREE WIFI!! I'm so excited. because i can just come and sit here whenever I want and I don't necessarily have to buy anything. Which makes me very happy.

Currently Drinking: Soy Strawberry and Creme Frapp (it's very very tasty!)
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Today I have the car again, which is really nice. I love being able to actually leave the house. It's so frustrating when you have to sit in a house with only 1 room of furniture ALL day. haha. Things are really good right now. I exercised today, which i haven't done much lately, and I feel so refreshed. Everything is looking so positive. I love this feeling. So i will definitely be working out more often. Even if it's just for a little bit of time.

So for those of you in Bloomington reading this, we are trying to get Kendall some leave around August 9th so he can come home and say goodbye to everyone before he leaves. But we will only be home for a week. Just trying to give you all a heads up. We aren't for sure on the dates yet though cause he has to put in for leave. We will keep you updated!!

So I've decided to add a new section to my blog, my things I want but probably will never get. :)

For right now the things I'm wanting lately.

Degree 6 clothing. completely eco friendly.

TOMS shoes. if you don't know about them go to www.toms.com. For every shoe you buy they give a shoe to a child who doesn't have any.

well that's all i have time for today!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A good week so far

This has been a wonderful week so far and I just see it getting better as it goes on. It started off with giving Max an amazing new home!! We found another military family that was PERFECT for Max. He now has other dogs to play with and she has been giving me updates of how everything has been going. It's so nice to get to hear how everything is going and get the occasional picture of him :) like this one!

it definitely makes me miss him. but we were still blessed that he has a wonderful new home.

I have also gotten a lot accomplished this week. I have our money budgeted, balanced, and already planned. By having our money planned out like this it helps me feel a lot more secure about how we spend our money. PLUS we almost have our emergency fund rebuild, which makes me happy!

Many of you have asked for pictures of our current place of living. So i finally cleaned the house and feel comfortable enough to show it off a little haha. Here are those much awaited pictures.

This is our kitchen

Our living room, we only have furniture for one room. So all we have is the rug...


Our entertainment area. My favorite part: The colored baskets, I can hide all kinds of things in those and it looks super cute!!!

We use two different comforters cause we can't seem to share in the night.

Well this is our home for the next two months. It's nice, a little smaller than we are used to, but we like it. Plus, we really don't NEED that much space for just the two of us.

Well, have a great day!!
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