Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its been one year.

A year ago today Kendall and I promised our lives to each other. This has been the most amazing year! Although I didn't get to actually live with him except for about 3 or so months, the times we have spent together and the ways we have grown have been incredible. Kendall and I have such a special relationship.

Recently, through conversations with my parents, I discovered that not everyone marries their best friend. Yes, they are friends, but not truly best friends. That that is rare in today's society. That had never occurred to Kendall or I. Kendall is my best friend. I have other good friendships, but none of them are like my friendship with my husband. I literally tell him everything and he is incredible enough to listen even when it's not necessarily the most interesting stories.

So babe, here is to you, my best friend...

-Thank you for always listening when I make a story that could be told in 2 minutes into a 20 minute thing.
-Thank you for always wanting me to go for the things I want to, even if they are unconventional and maybe a little unrealistic.
-Thank you for supporting me in everything, even if the decision isn't always the easiest, I know that you will back me no matter what.
-Thank you for wanting to much to care for me and provide for me. That means more than I could ever put in words.
-Thank you for a year full of fun, laughs, hugs, and new experiences. Things are are never dull when we are together.
-Thank you for encouraging me to always do my best at everything I do. That always keeps me going.
-Thank you for being there to talk when I need to.
-Thank you for being patient with me, I know I need that often :)
-and Thank you for loving me. That alone makes my day better.

I know that I could keep going a lot longer, but that would take incredibly too long. I know that God worked out our lives so that we would meet our junior year of high school and I can never thank him enough for that. I can honestly say my life is better because of Kendall.

Here are a few pictures to highlight our last year together!

Happy anniversary babe! Can't wait to have more!!!

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