Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day to say goodbye... at least for now.

So today I had to say goodbye to my hubby as he is leaving for Iraq. My dad flew into town and we spent a majority of the day hanging and getting things ready for him. These goodbyes are definitely hard as I know they are for a while.

Here's a few things that make it hard:
1. that sinking feeling that this isn't the first time i'll miss him for the next year.
2. knowing that my best friend is across the world kinda sucks...
3. i mean, come on... who likes to say goodbye to anyone...not me! :)

But there are several things that make things a little bit better for me.
1. Knowing he will be back soon
2. knowing that we will be able to skype and such really helps
3. knowing that no matter what our relationship will not change and we will still be best friends regardless of where in the world we are.
4. going home to be with family and friends
5. knowing that in a year we will get to go apartment hunting and such is exciting haha.
6. and finally... Knowing that he loves me no matter what makes it all better.

So although I will miss him every day, and want to talk to him constantly (ha), I know that things will be okay.

My best friend is still my best friend no matter what is what keeps me going definitely!


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