Friday, September 17, 2010

You can't wear shorts and a tank top in September here...

It's really weird not having Kendall around to talk to all the time and stuff. it just feels like something is missing. But i know that as time goes on things will begin to feel normal again. Plus getting to talk to him helps so much!! even if it's just for a few minutes.

He said that where he is in Kuwait is really enjoyable. There are lots of things to do and everything is pretty nice, so he doesn't mind being there. Which is really good to hear. I like to know that he isn't miserable being there.

Right now i'm taking a little break before I begin putting everything away. I have so many things that need to be put away. I have clothes that either need to go in a plastic tub or a drawer, items that need to be repacked and things that need to searched out and found. Plus I want to get most of this stuff put away today so that A. I don't have to deal with it anymore and B. so that it's out of my family's way.

I am still not used to living at home again. it's kind of weird. I have a new bedroom and it just feels different. But i know that it's going to be a good change :) Plus, i really missed my family so i'm excited to get to see everyone a lot more often!!

OH! and in regards to my title... this morning I was not thinking and went outside in short and a tank top (this is very typical clothing in texas however.... not in the fall in Illinois). Definitely was not thinking about the temperature difference... Needless to say, it was quite cold! I now need to dig out my fall/winter clothes which i'm excited to get to wear them again. Fall is my favorite season!

Tonight i will putting tons of pictures from my camera and phone onto the computer, so tomorrow I should have a post with lots of pictures and such :)

How has your day been today?

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Britta said...

its SOOO cold in new york! im not use to it after being in georgia! in reality its only like, in the 50s-60s here, which i guess aint nothin yet! at least when i go home itll be about the same :/ im excited for fall clothes too! theyre the best!!!!!

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