Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Already November? | Huge Update

My goodness! It has been so long since I have posted an update. I am so sorry to all of my followers. Life has been very crazy adjusting to being a mom! I have really missed blogging though, so it's good to be back!  This fall has brought several changes. This is definitely going to be a pretty big update!

So Marie was discharged from the hospital at the beginning of September. She spent exactly 2 weeks in the hospital, which was amazing! We were so excited to have her finally coming home! We spent one night in the hospital with her, just to make sure everything was okay and then we headed home the following day!
 above: Our first night with Marie
Above: Sound asleep in the hospital

Left: Getting ready to leave the hospital!!

Over the month of September we worked on trying to nurse her, however ultimately we made the decision that we were not able to nurse her. It was not worth the stress that it was causing, both me and Marie. I will do a blog post specifically about this soon!

September 11 my mom came to visit us (My original C-section was scheduled for September 12).  It was amazing to have her with me for 2 weeks!

On September 25, 2012, Kendall and I celebrated 3 years of marriage! My mom watched Marie the weekend before so that we could have a night out together!

At the beginning of October we found out that Kendall had received orders to deploy to Afghanistan. Leave dates were only a few days away, so very last minute we made the decision to move me and Marie back to Illinois to be with family. 2 weeks later we put everything in storage and headed to Illinois!  Kendall left at the beginning of this month for Afghanistan.  Being at home has been really good! Although, at times it's really hard to adjust to not being on my own anymore, I am so thankful for the help with Marie!

Kendall works nights in Afghanistan, which are days here, so we are able to talk a substantial amount each day! That definitely helps the process go easier. I send him all kinds of pictures of Marie as well as videos of her.
above: Skyping with daddy!

Marie is now 3 months old! I can't believe how big she has gotten!! She is now over 10 lbs! She is almost too big for 0-3 month clothing, which I am SO not ready for yet :) She has started cooing and smiling a lot.  She is generally a very happy baby. Yes, we have moments of fussiness and crying, but overall we are very blessed to have such a great girl!

These last 3 months have been incredible, I can't wait for the next few ones to fly by!

 above: Newborn sized clothing was too big!

 Left: So little in our carseat!

Left: Now we are a little chubby girl!

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