Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 days til we are home!

Kendall and I can not WAIT til we get to go home on this coming Monday. We are very excited to see everyone. I'm also very excited to move home next month, however it's not going to be the same without my best friend there... But it'll be okay :) I'm going to try lots of new things and take advantage of the time.

Today has been an amazing day. I've been really productive and I feel great! I made a list last night of what my morning needed to look like and it made everything go really well. I started my morning off by getting out of bed, opening all the blinds, and eating a healthy breakfast :) After some time in the Word, I went and had a great workout. And then had a healthy lunch. It's amazing the difference the food you eat and exercise makes on your day, your attitude, and just overall happiness. Its been a really good day!

Have a great day as well!!


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