Friday, December 11, 2009

Today 12/12/09

i've been meaning to start this blog a long time ago, i just never really got around to it. I have decided to use it as my way to let things out. Sometimes i will be happy, others i will probably be sad... But altogether this is my story... an army wife.

I have been an army wife since Nov. 4, 2009. All this is very new to me. My husband is currently in Basic Training, so it has been really hard not being able to talk to him very much. As of now, I have spoken to him 2 times. Once for 5 minutes, the other for about 30 seconds... (I missed his first 3 calls). Fortunately, I get to see him in a week. We have been blessed with great timing. His BCT goes over Christmas and therefore he get a two week break for Christmas Exodus. I am so grateful for this time together.

I'll have to write more later because I have a terrible headache and need to sleep. Since about Thanksgiving i have had a constant headache almost everyday and for the last week or so sleeping seems almost impossible. Thank God for Tylenol PM! ha.


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