Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spiders and calamari

Several things have been really exciting the last few days. Today Kendall phased up to a phase 5+. Now he gets to come home on the weekends for the entire weekend. Tonight we went out to dinner with a bunch of his friends and we all ordered WAY too much pizza. actually for 6 of us we ordered 1 personal pan pizza, 1 large pizza, 2 medium pizzas, 2 desert pizzas, 2 things of garlic bread, and 25 hot wings..... Needless to say, I have 3 boxes FULL of leftover pizza and wings (since the guys couldn't take food back to the barracks I had to take it all.)

I'm so proud of Kendall. He tried so hard to get the 304 on his pt test. One of his friends has been a great help these last few days. When he saw that Kendall was struggling running in the heat, his friend left his formation and ran with Kendall to help him keep pace. and when Kendall needed a haircut in order to phase up, his friend cut his hair in 3 minutes right before they did so. We are very grateful for his help! We are now praying that Kendall's sergeant will be able to help Kendall find a way to live with me.

A few nights ago I went out with a friend for a late dinner. While we were there I decided to try my first dose of seafood (although it was super fried, so I still don't completely count it on my list of things I need to try. I want to try much more than this.). Anyways, So I tried Calamari. It actually was pretty good! A little chewy, but still good. I was so proud of myself!!! First bit of seafood in YEARS! seriously. The reason I don't eat seafood is really unknown, I just always haven't. I think I didn't like fish and apparently all seafood came with that. And I just would never eat any of it.

I have faced another fear of mine lately too: Spiders. So I have a nice house here in Georgia which is usually bug free... EXCEPT after it rains... I get these giant, quarter sized spiders... So today It was raining (It's supposed to rain for the next 2 days.... i'm kinda freaking out.) But anyways, it was raining so I knew there was a possibility of big spiders again. Since the last one crawled right up next to me I have been scared ever since. Its so dumb to be scared of something that is around the size of my big toe, but hey, I am. Terrified actually. But I live alone, so either I have giant spiders, or i get over it and kill them (Most times it takes me a few minutes to get up the fear though. I can kill the little ones no problem, but the big ones are GROSS!).

So today I knew there were probably going to be big spiders again, so I asked God if he would at least show them to me. Have them crawl across the floor or something so I see them before they crawl on me, and he came through once again! Tonight at 1:45 I decided I needed to write something down when I turned the lights back on after going to bed. I then saw in the corner something big and black in the corner, it was then that I knew... there was another one. So I put on my bath robe and some big winter boots and mustered up the courage and ran to the corner to kill it. It took two stomps to kill, but i got it!!! Then I went on a spider searching spree! I asked God to continue to show me them and I found one more (much smaller though) behind my couch. So I literally moved the couch to kill it. ha.
my amazing spider killing wardrobe!
The dead spider's remnants (however, a lot were on my shoe too...)
The big nasty thing against my wall. I didn't want to get any closer...

It has definitely been an eventful last few days that's for sure!!! And although my plans were ruined when I found out I could no longer go home for the weekend, I'm sure this weekend still have lots of fun things in store.

Well have a good day!

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Anne said...

LOL -- I'm proud of you Ducky!!

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