Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonderful Monday Morning

Most people dread Monday morning, as do I usually. However, it's only 1pm and I have already had a great Monday. This weekend I decided I was finally going to start a diet and workout program. Then my husband so loving pointed out that I never finish anything... So i'm now determined to finish this simply to show him he's wrong :) Plus I really need to get in shape and such. So I started this 4 week plan from Fitness Magazine. :)

So this morning I made eggs, which lots of cheese and salsa :) It was SOOO yummy! Great way to start my morning! then I did the workouts they have on the plan and went for a 20-30 minute walk/run. it was beautiful so I really enjoyed it. And now i'm getting ready to head out to the store to buy healthy food, since I have pretty much no healthy food.... ha.

Oh and did I mention its a great monday cause it's like almost 60 degrees and sooo nice out!!

This weekend we had a bunch of Kendall's buddies over which was really fun. At first only 4 guys came over. and we had a cookout and such. But then like 6? more people came. It was definitely fun to meet his friends, although I had met most of these people before. But regardless, I enjoyed it. It was the first time we've had company since we moved in (besides move in weekend when my family was helping us move.) I believe next weekend one of Kendall's friend's wife and daughter are coming into town (they'll be moving here later.) So we're probably going to have them over for a bit which will be fun.

Well, have a great day! I know I will :)

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