Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Many Posts in One

So I meant to put all these things in several different blog posts this weekend, but since we had Addie that didn't happen. So here it all is :)

Addie update: Kendall and I decided Addie was too aggressive of a puppy. More than just puppy play, she would growl and bark at us and bite us and we didn't feel like she was playing. So yesterday we made the hard decision to give her back... It was hard, but I know it was the right one. As of right now, we aren't going to get another puppy for a while. We'll wait til our situation is a little different.

She was too cute :( But it's for the better.

So this weekend Kendall and I got a $30 weed wacker from walmart to cut our backyard. (It's honestly a really crappy one...) :) But we officially cut our yard for the first time!
While he was cutting the yard we found a little visitor who was staying in our backyard
Welcome to the south! Wouldn't find one of these sitting around back home.

This weekend I also learned the difference between cook and defrost on the microwave after causing this to happen...
I had put the beef in on defrost for 9 minutes. but it wasn't enough so I wanted to add another 2 minutes. So i just did the cook thing for 2 minutes.... OOPS

On another note, before we moved we were given a table with 6 chairs. Such a blessing! However, the chairs for the table look like they may not have been fixed since the 70s :) (Might be a slight exaggeration) But here is a picture of the chairs before.

under the seats.
So I decided I wanted to refinish them since they weren't the best looking chairs we could have. So yesterday I found this amazing fabric and I started the project. One of my biggest curses when it comes to art is that once I start a project I don't like to stop. I don't want to stop because later I might not be in the same mood and when i'm in a different mood my art looks different. So needless to say, I started the chairs yesterday evening and I finished them at 5am. That's right! 5 in the morning. I actually could text Kendall when I was done because he was getting up for his day then. ha

So here are the finished chairs! (I only finished 5 chairs, one was too rusted and such to fix.)


Claire Nicole said...
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Claire Nicole said...

Wow! Great job with the chairs! They look really neat!

I also liked what you said about not wanting to stop a project because it will turn out differently if you do. That's kinda how it is with me & my scrapbooking too! Haha.

Evan said...

These are awesome! I want some! what kind of material did you use on it?

Kelly H said...

I always knew they had potential. They look GREAT!

Brian said...

Awesome job on the chairs, Erica! Glad you were able fix them up. I figured that 6th chair would be tough to do anything with, it sat in our garage for a long time. God Bless!

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