Monday, April 5, 2010

a wonderful weekend!

This weekend was the best I've had in a while. :) Kendall really made a point to make it all about me. We always have good weekends, but this one was REALLY good. I got to pick Kendall up while it was still light out, which was really nice for a change. ha. When we got home we went for a walk (he usually doesn't like to go on walks, I always want to go for walks... haha) so that was nice. and then we went and got tons of junk food and movies and we watched a movie and ate yummy food haha. On saturday we just had a really nice day together. just kinda hung out. and Sunday we got extra time together because it was Easter so it was really nice!

I can't wait for this coming weekend. :) Kendall said we can go walk downtown together! and the following weekend I think we are going to Savannah for the day! YAY

Have a great day!

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