Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We're going to Fort Hood!

Today we got our orders. We are going to Fort Hood, Texas. We are both really excited about it and really terrified at the same time (at least I am!) :) I feel like although we have 3 months, that we have a lot to do to get there. We have discovered that this is totally a God thing though. Although we wanted Korea (because it counts as a deployment and I can go) this is a good place. We have a family that we are really good friends with that are also stationed there which is a huge blessing. And we found of the deployments won't be as bad as we thought, so that is also good.

So basically, we are moving to Texas. How crazy is that! We wanted to get AWAY from this heat and we got stuck with the south again haha. :) It'll be okay though. We can't wait!

Have a great day!

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