Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kinda busy week

I finally have my kitchen back!! since we had a cookout and a bunch of people over this weekend my kitchen was a MESS!!! so it's SOO nice to finally have it back to normal. So yesterday I went grocery shopping for my new diet. It took so long cause I didn't know what half the stuff in the recipes were and I didn't organize the stuff I just went with the recipes. So i'm sure I forgot something. But i've done really well the last two days! Not only have I eaten really well but I've also worked out the last two days. Last night I could barely sleep because of how bad my body hurt! haha. Muscles I didn't even know I had hurt!! But I'm really excited for it. I already feel better!

So Kendall is now on the Echo company track team :) He's so excited to finally get to do track again and I'm really excited to get to go to his track meets! I believe he's going to be the long jumper. Pretty exciting, I must say.

Well I'm off, I'll update more later!

Have a great day!


Melinda said...

Thats so exciting for Kendall :)

Sasha said...

Thats so cool good for him! I didnt know they had teams. I wonder if they have a lacrosse team, Alex would flip if they did

Erica Gilliam said...

I know!!! I didn't know they had teams either until Kendall told me. I'm so happy for him!

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