Saturday, March 20, 2010

oh what a day

Today has been a really good day overall! I had some of the most interesting experiences I've had in a while and made some new friends :) Today Kendall's buddy got married. This whole thing was kind of decided a few days ago that they were going to do this so everything got put together really fast. So one of his buddies ordered a cake from Publix. ha (it was really good!) and before the service kendall and I had to go pick it up. Thinking that the publix by my house was the only one on Washington Street(big mistake because washington street is a REALLY long street) Kendall and I headed there to pick up the cake. needless to say, we had to run all the way to the other side of town (driving across town takes a good 30 minutes) to pick up this cake.

After that we went to the chapel where they were having the ceremony. This place was definitely interesting. The woman who owned the place was very eccentric. Really nice, but kind of not all there. In the house was all these different things for all these different religions. Clutter galore! Luckily she had a pretty little gazebo in the backyard where we had the ceremony. I can't really explain this service to you except that the only way I can even remotely explain it to you is this: When she was saying how they were getting married in the state of Georgia she threw in (rather loudly) "How 'bout them bulldogs!" But it was still good and we all left laughing and still excited :)

Love's Wedding Chapel
Love of "Love's wedding Chapel"
The gazebo they had the ceremony in.
This was in the backyard
I believe this is baby Jesus.

One of their sergeants hooked them up with a limo service. So we had a white stretch limo to ride to dinner in. That was really fun. He also told them of this really nice restaurant (one of the nicest in Georgia) that we should go to. And I must say, this place was DEFINITELY the nicest restaurant I've been in. It was in downtown Augusta in an old victorian house.
Our limo :)

You open the door and there is a beautiful grand staircase and chandeliers everywhere! The whole feel of the place was amazing. There were 7 of us (3 couples and one couple's daughter). Our table was very nicely set and we had a very fun waiter (He could tell we were a pretty fun bunch so he let go a little and wasn't uptight like he was supposed to be). There were so many things about this place that were just so nice. Like how in the bathroom you could use either paper towels to dry your hands or an actual cloth. and they actually have a bottle of wine on their HUGE wine list that is $6500! He was telling us how he's actually not allowed to card anyone who comes in because it's considered rude. The average price for meals was around $30 although they had meals as expensive at $60.

When you receive your food it is covered. They then reveal everyone's food at the same time. Kendall ordered a meal that had several different kinds of meat on it. All of which I tried (go me.) He had quail, ostrich, and buffalo... The quail was really good. the Ostrich was not so good. He liked it, but I did not. I had this incredible chicken which rice, gravy and apples. It was fantastic. We were then served the wedding cake as our desert which was very tasty. All-together we had a really great time! I had the chance to become friend's with two new ladies both of which are very nice! And we are hoping that our hubbies get stationed at the same bases so that we will get to move together! Our new friend's are a story in and of themselves, but long story short we are all Christian families and all have close family ties to the church which is awesome. I'm really hoping God has a lot planned for our families!

our table
Our place setting
The chandeliers
The wine we had with dinner
The complementary appetizer. Don't ask my what it was I don't know. lol

This was definitely a night I will remember :)

Well have a great day!

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