Thursday, February 11, 2010

moving day!

So this week has been crazy! i've been packing like crazy trying to get everything together and making all the arrangements with the realtor for the place we are renting and stuff. God has really been teaching us a lot about trusting his timing and his plan and that he will provide for us. We had lots of trouble with the company receiving the money i wired to them for our deposit. I then realized that i hadn't trusted God when they told me overnight the check and I wanted to do it all in my own time. So I took it in my own hands and wired the money to them. they then didn't receive the money til Tuesday instead of Sat. It has definitely been a huge learning experience.
God has been providing everything for us though it's been incredible! We received a free couch, recliner, table and chairs, tv and our wedding gifts cover everything we need for our kitchen. Another way he has provided for us is with money. Because Monday is a holiday, Kendall gets paid today (Friday) which is incredible because this is the day i'm moving and i thought we were going to have a very interesting weekend financially... But now we have enough money to really get everything ready in our new place. He also provided money for another situation. Today I found out that a insurance claim was filed with the wrong insurance company back in October (I had just gotten married and was changing all my insurance stuff). Because of this mishap I now owe the company a little over $150 to make up for this... well Kendall's grandma wrote us a check last week for $150, just because they thought we would need it with all the changes. How great is God!
It is now 1:30 in the morning on Friday and I need to be sleeping. so i will here soon but i wanted to blog before this crazy weekend. Tomorrow (i guess today) we make the rest of the drive from Nashville to Augusta (about 6 hours) and then meet with the realtor and get everything signed and then the place is ours! I can not wait. My dad and family are following and will be there late Friday night with all my stuff. It's been really cool how things have brought us all together and stuff. Well time for sleep, but as i have time after this move i will definitely update!

Have a great day!

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