Sunday, February 14, 2010

This has been a great weekend! I've gotten the spend the entire day with my hubby both yesterday and today! it's been amazing. we found out that i can come and sign him out for the day on the weekends while he is a phase 4. That's been really nice. I think i can sign him out tomorrow too because it's a holiday. :) i can't wait!!

I've spent the last two days moving into my new place. it's been a lot of work but it was really nice that my family was here to help me in the process. My mom and I went grocery shopping and filled my kitchen! that was really fun! And Friday is snowed here... 8 inches! I was like REALLY? i moved to the south and it snows!!! and down here they have no plows and such. so it was interesting. luckily walmart is about 30 seconds from my house. seriously. right around the corner. that makes things really nice!

Well i need to sleep but i just wanted to update on how things are going!!

Have a great day!

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