Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first day on my own

Yesterday was a pretty good day, but it was a little boring for me. I'm not really familiar with the area down here so i didn't want to go out and take pictures because I didn't want to end up in the wrong parts of town and not realize i got there... So I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to do a little returning and then I came back home. after laying around for a little bit and being bored I decided to start working on the chairs that I need to refinish. so i started that process, which is going to be a long one, but they are going to look pretty cool when i'm done, i hope :) and then later in the evening I made cookies! I realized that I tend to cook when I'm bored/have time on my hands. So i'm going to use that to my favor! I'm going learn how to REALLY cook. I'm going to start making amazing meals for me and Kendall and take them to him on base whenever I can. I'm pretty sure I will usually have WAY too much food in my fridge from leftovers, but hey, It's all good! Leftovers are always good to have!

So last night I had a run-in with a quarter-sized spider... I didn't freak (GO ME!) and I killed it! I'm was quite proud of myself. and this afternoon i'm going to call pest control and set up a time so they can spray the house.

Kendall is doing pretty well. He's loving being at AIT and out of basic training (of course, but still:) ). He's really loving all the freedom they get. I've been able to sign him out on the weekends even though he's only a phase 4. So i'm totally loving that! hopefully he will get to phase up soon enough, but God will provide that in his timing. He's provided everything else we need, so I trust that He will provide in that area too :)

Have a great day!

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