Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Amazing day!

Today was incredible! It was so great to finally see Kendall! He was the guide on bearer (which means he held the flag in front of his plattoon) it was so cool!! Plus this way I knew exactly who he was. haha. It was a really good ceremony. His friend Tom Grandjean's family couldn't make it down to the graduation so he went to lunch with us :) That was really fun. It was really fun to get to meet Kendall's friends, although I met so many people I could not tell you I can remember all them. haha. Too many faces! I had an incredible afternoon just getting to hang with my hubby. It was so nice to be able to hang out with him again. To be able to share our lives. This time everything should be a little easier because he will actually get to keep his phone with him. That will be really nice!

Kendall is the one in the front ^^ holding the flag :)
Kendall and his little brother :)
Me and Kendall!

Have a great day!
Erica Gilliam

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