Monday, February 15, 2010


I've had a wonder weekend. I've moved into my new place and almost all the boxes and bags are unpacked! I love this place. It really feels like home to me. and it's really nice to finally have a place that is Kendall and I's. Today I met my first neighbor. she's a lady who I would guess is in her late 80s. very nice. I helped her get her dog back in the house and she invited me in and told me all about her place and everything. it was kinda cool :)

I got to sign Kendall out again today. So we have gotten to spend the last 3 days together! It has been amazing! Today Kendall bought me some of my favorite movies, walmart sugar cookies(the best cookies ever!) and chocolate milk for Valentines day. :) And then when we got home we made banana pancakes and watched our movies :) It was a really good day!!

So i'm trying to find a job down here. I'm hoping for something that pays pretty well so that we can save up as much as possible because we have several things we want to save for.

The weather has been so crazy down here! The first day I got here it snowed like 8 inches!!! this was just from the amount of time it took us to shop at walmart. there was more later! and down here they don't have plows or anything like back home so they couldn't plow the roads. then the next day it was beautiful! like go outside without a coat beautiful. and this morning it rained and then it was bright and sunny. haha totally weird! but i love it anyways! here is a picture of the snow on my car. i didn't have a window scraper so we had to use my new toilet brush i had just bought haha

i'll have a few pictures of my new place up here soon!

have a great day!

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