Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's about time

This post will finally have the pictures of my new house! i know... it's about time!

When my dad and I came down here we got connected with a church called Steven's Creek Church. We met the woman who works at the front desk and she talked to me all about the areas of town that I should live and stuff like that. She was really helpful. She also gave me her number and told me to call her in case I ever needed anything. Well, yesterday morning I had to take my car into the shop because It has been randomly dying the the middle of the road, dropping into neutral, and just overall acting up. So I called her and asked her where she would recommend I take my car. She told me to take it to Rusty's Automotive. luckily it's only about 2 miles from my house cause by the time I got there It was again dropping into neutral.

All this said, yesterday I was literally stuck at home, since that is the only car we have right now. But I got a lot accomplished during my time at home. I made some incredible banana cake!
I also spent a lot of time cleaning. I cleaned everything except the bathrooms (I'm gonna do those today) but I even cleaned out the window sills... and I sprayed the house for bugs for a second time. I really don't want to risk anything with bugs! I enjoy having a bug free house (although if any ladies want to pray their house on their own it's only $4 at the commissary as apposed to the $100 to call the bug guy. and it works. I found a ton of dead bugs yesterday). I also vacuumed and everything! My house feels incredible and I earned sitting on the couch last night! So overall it was a good afternoon. It was amazing how excited I was to have the house that clean. I was really wishing Kendall was coming home that night so that I could show him the house. oh well, I'll show him this weekend.

So today is Kendall's first day of classes! He finally got to start after 3 weeks of literally sitting around all day. He was really excited. I can't wait to hear all about it! He's in what's called first shift which means his classes go from after breakfast til around lunchtime or so. We aren't really sure the exact times. We'll know for sure this afternoon. But it's really exciting because that means he'll be done with his classes in 17 weeks and we'll get his orders to his duty station! I'm really excited and I know Kendall is too! I hope the next place we live is more interesting than Augusta. I'm pretty sure Augusta is more boring than Bloomington... that's pretty bad. ha

So here are the much awaited pictures of our first place! (Notice I took them AFTER I cleaned the house :) ).
Kendall and I in front of our first home.
our guest bathroom
our backyard
the master bathroom (quite messy I know...)
our bedroom. Right now i'm sleeping on an air mattress. although it's really comfy since I added a mattress cover to it. so i think we'll keep it a while.
the guest bedroom AKA: my art studio space. Right now I'm working on refinishing our kitchen table chairs.
Our living room.
Our dining area
our kitchen!
More of our kitchen!

I love our new place! It's been great! I can't wait til we get to our duty station and I get to actually live WITH my hubby!

Have a great day!


theglenns2 said...

Erica, I LOVE your new home, but even more than that I love how you are loving making it home!!!

Anne said...

Your place is so cute!! Love it!! Thanks for posting pictures :)

mark savage said...

Hi Erica, I love reading your blog. It has been fun watching and hearing you explore. You are definitely on an adventure.

Love ya

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