Friday, February 19, 2010

a day a little discoveries

Today has been a pretty good day. A very easy going day. Kendall had his wisdom teeth removed this morning and he's so lucky. NO PAIN YET. how crazy! I was like in throbbing pain when i got mine removed and he feels nothing. he's totally fine. I'm quite jealous. lol But on the plus side I get to really talk to him all day. which has been nice.
We discovered how to use the skype calling and video stuff tonight. And tomorrow we are buying him a webcam so I can see him too. Today I also discovered that i have to make sure to stock everything in my pantry. I'm so used to EVERYTHING being in my moms pantry so i forget that I don't have certain things. So today I went to make stuffed shells and realized I got everything except... the shells! i'm so used to them ALWAYS being in the pantry I simply forgot to buy them.
Guess I need to think more before making my shopping list next time. ha

Have a great day!

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Jill said...


There's alot to learn when living on your own. That's so funny about stocking your pantry! You'll get the hang of it soon!


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