Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear John and a day of baking

Today has been a pretty good day. I got to text Kendall throughout the day which has been really fun :) My friend shelby came over at 11:30 to hang out for a bit and we ended up hanging until 9:30! We baked for a little bit and then just kinda hung out. This evening Shelby and I went and saw Dear John. It was really good, but definitely made me cry a lot. It was really hard to see the scenes during the deployments and whenever they said goodbye. But overall it was a really good movie. I liked it, probably wouldn't own it, but liked it.
So yesterday I put a down payment on my home. Kendall and I are really excited. It's our first place, so it feels awesome! I still have a lot to do, lots of packing and stuff. I can not wait!

Here are my current prayer requests:
1. that my hubby will get to live with me after I move there.
2. that Kendall will get a weekend pass next weekend so he can help me move in :)
3. that I will get everything figured out in a timely manner for this move.
4. that God will continue to provide everything we need.

Have a great day!
Erica Gilliam

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