Friday, February 5, 2010

Kendall's first day of AIT

Today was a very eventful day for both me and Kendall. We both had a day of traveling. Kendall traveled through beautiful weather to Fort Gordon as I travelled through rain and terrible snow to Bloomington. Kendall has had his phone back for the last few days which has been incredible. It is amazing having the chance to actually talk to him! I like to be able to talk to him and share my life with him again :) So when Kendall arrived to his AIT he found out that he gets to keep his phone, his laptop and they have tvs and direct tv. They also have all weekends off :) It's going to be really nice. Kendall is really excited about all the freedom. He said everyone was freaking out! They are all very excited!
Today I wired money to the realtor so that I could guarantee the condo as ours! So me and Kendall officially have our first place :) It's so exciting! We both can't stop talking about it. I can't wait to finally be able to see Kendall more often and we are praying that even though his training isn't long enough, that because they are backed up that he will get to live with me! That would be incredible!! regardless he will get to spend the weekends with me eventually, but actually living with my hubby would be awesome!
Have a great day!
Erica Gilliam

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