Friday, December 2, 2011

Our First Military Ball

Last night, Kendall and I attended our first Military Ball.  I was so excited to be able to dress up as that is something we don't do often (We should do more though!).  The Ball itself was fine, although we ended up leaving early ha.  In our defense, we sat at a table with people we didn't know and by 8:30 they weren't even halfway done with the ceremony part.  So the dancing wouldn't have begun until probably 10! We just don't stay up late anymore, so we ended up heading home.

It was really fun to get some pictures and just to have this time with Kendall :) We invited our friend Elizabeth May from Soldier's Hospitality House to come take our pictures. Here is a highlight from that night!

 Love this one! 

Outtake :)  

I wore this dress for homecoming my junior year of high school. I'm so glad I got to wear it again! 

Don't mind the trash in the yard.  For some reason everyone's trash blows into our backyard.  I picked it all up, but missed that one piece ha.  

 Love this one too!! 

Sitting at the Ball... can you tell I was slightly bored? 

The ceremony hall  

They had a video playing before the ceremony started 

Our salads (These were sitting out for probably 4-5 hours before we got there... kinda gross) 

 mmmm desert! (These were sitting out as well)

My name card.  I know i'm a Mrs.  But it's always weird when I see it in writing! I definitely kept these :) 

Overall the entire night was a fun evening with friends! (We all ended up leaving early) I definitely want to find more reasons to dress up like this.  

What are some of your favorite events to dress up for? 


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laurie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the ball. You both look awesome!

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