Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Successful Couponing Trip!

So I posted on facebook the other day that I had made $3 at walgreens and I wanted to share with all of you how I did this. It was actually pretty easy and only required 3 transactions. I was also really happy because I got a chance to get some things that we can really use on a daily basis! So here we go:

Here are the items I got: Airwick air freshener, 2 chewy packages, 1 9oz Dawn.

NOTE: I did go into this trip having $4 Register Rewards from a previous trip. So this is how I made so much money. I tend to save one from the week before so that I can apply it to the next trip. It saves me more in the end.  You can also spend them on other items you need, however I prefer to use them on sale items the following week.  

Transaction #1: Air Wick Freshmatic Odor Detect 

Sale Price: $7.99
Register Rewards: - $4.00 (from the week prior)
Total out of pocket: $4.38 
THEN I got $5.00 Register Rewards back:

Total price: $0.67 made back 

Transaction #2: 2  8ct. Quaker Chewy Bars

Sale Price: 2 for $5.00
Register Rewards: -$5.00 (From previous transaction)
Total out of pocket: $0.00!!! 
THEN I got $2.00 Register Rewards back!

I MADE $2.00!!

Total Price: $2.00 made back

Transaction #3: 9oz. Dawn Liquid Soap

I've written previously about how even though sometimes the really good deals are on the small sizes, that it's still a good deal!! I have about 6 of these 9 oz containers of dawn that I've spent maybe a total of $2 out of pocket on.  They may be small, but they are mighty savings!

Original Price: $1.19
In-store coupon: $0.99 for one
Manufacturer's coupon: -$0.50
Total out of pocket: $0.49! That is a really good deal for dawn!

I love when I can stack store coupons and Manufacturer's coupons, that can give you some great saving!

Altogether I paid $4.38 out of pocket, but I ended up making $3.00 from Register Rewards! That definitely made this trip completely worth it!

Have you ever gotten a great deal on a product? I'd love to hear about it!

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