Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Now a Working Woman

Sorry I haven't been posting within the last week! It's been really crazy because my schedule just changed completely!

I finally got myself a job! I now work a full-time position at Fort Hood National Bank in the Loan Department. I work Monday thru Friday 830-530. I love my new job because I get to work hands on with customers, but I also love that I have tons of free-time! I have a very free schedule, when we don't have a loan to work on we can get online or read a book, or work on other things.  This free schedule is amazing because it allows me to not feel like i'm stuck or that I loose all of my day. 

So I am still trying to figure out my schedule, so the blogs may be a little separated for a little while, but i'm working on figuring out how to work everything into my schedule!  I'm sure it will all work itself out, but just stay patient with me while I experience all these changes.


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