Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dreams of Many Travels

Kendall and I have dreamed of travelling for some time now.  Tonight we are spending the evening looking at pictures and trying to plan a trip for when he gets out of the Army. We are both complete dreamers (which can get us in trouble sometimes) but we love to talk about where we want to go and what we want to do with our lives.

Sometimes we dream of living in other countries or going backpacking around the world.  Other times they are more simple, like simply taking a trip to a country in Europe or Asia.  Our dreams will take us to places that we've never heard of or to places we think would be ideal to live in.  They can also sometimes get us in trouble, because we will spend so much time planning out this "perfect" trip or life, and then we are disappointed when we discover it isn't really feasible like we wanted it.

However, it's still so important for us to dream like this! It helps pass time while in the military. It also gives us hope and passion towards a free, simple life.  Here are some of our recent dreams in pictures.  I hope you enjoy it.

These are only a small portion of our many dreams, but I can't wait til we can finally make these dreams a reality! We are going to begin saving as much as we can so that we can really afford some of these places

What are some places you have dreamt of visiting? 


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