Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of changes

Our little family of 2 plus our new puppy Max have had several changes lately. And we only have more to come!! Haha recently we moved down to Fort Hood Texas. I love the area down here. The landscape reminds me of home except that there are little peaks everywhere. I love that you can see the entire sky here again unlike Georgia. It's quite pretty.

We hit a few snags along the way with this move. Kendall had received orders for hometown recruiting. So we were going to be home for 3 weeks before our move!! And then he got there and was told his orders were wrong. So instead of 3 weeks we got almost a week. But we are very thankful for the little time home we got.

After Kendall in-processed he received his unit and was told he is deploying in September. So a lot more changes are to come. I will be moving home during his year away. I will be returning to school while I'm home and taking care of our new husky puppy Max. Please continue to pray for us as the transitions continue!

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