Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deployments, Dogs, and 99 cent tea.

Life has been so crazy lately. But definitely a good crazy. We're planning for a lot of new coming up! As I believe I said in my last blog post, Kendall is deploying within the next few months. We are trying our best to look at it as a positive rather than a negative. He's getting to visit some new places and I get to go home for a while. Plus thanks to the new forms of technology, we have email. so conversation isn't too far away while apart.

I was originally thinking I was going to move home mid August to go to school, however I realized that by making the decision to leave early I was saying that school was more important than my time with my husband. Not what I was thinking at all!!! So I have now decided to stay until he deploys, giving us more time together! We are really going to try to take advantage of this time together and visit new places and just have a lot of fun!! I think this week we are going putt-putting and to the batting cages on our date night!!

However, there are some disappointments with these changes as well. A month ago, Kendall and I rushed into buying an incredible puppy! We were so excited to get one and didn't think about the consequences of that decision. Now, you might be thinking "didn't that happen a few months ago with the puppy Addie?" Addie was a totally different situation we would have definitely kept her had she not been too aggressive for us. She wasn't a bad dog, but more aggressive than I could handle. Max, our new husky, is an AMAZING dog!!! I'm actually mourning the idea of having to give him away, however we know it's the right decision and here's why:

When I move home, I have decided to move back into my parents house to save money while Kendall is gone. Not only will this help up save TONS of money (i'll get to that in a second) but it will also help me not live alone for a year. Not only is living alone not safe, but it will also remind me everyday that I miss Kendall and I don't think that will be healthy for me.

As for saving money, We did that math and if I lived with my parents as opposed to living on my own for that year by the time it's over we can have our car totally paid off AND have almost $30,000 in the bank!!!! That's really hard to pass up! Think of the down payment on a house we can have when kendall is out of the Army!!!

The only negative of moving into my parents house is the "no dogs" rule. They considered letting Max be an outdoor dog but they really don't want to deal with having a dog again. So then the choices were either keep Max and live on my own and therefore basically pay $30,000 to keep the dog (Cause we wouldn't be able to save that much money.) or Give Max to another loving home, live with my parents, save that money, and once Kendall is out of the Army settle down in Normal and get a dog then.

We want to make the best decision for us and our situation. We feel that with this decision we will being making the most responsible. So, Dave Ramsey, you would be proud!

OH! and the 99 cent tea, McAlister's deli has this deal where you can buy this cup for 5.99 and you get 99 cent tea the rest of the year! it's great cause this is where we come for internet and you have to buy something for the internet. So it'll save us LOTS of money!



Claire said...

Wow Erica! Big changes. Glad to hear you'll be back in town this fall, but I'm still sorry to hear about the few disappointments. Hopefully we'll be able to get together again and keep up on each other's lives! Plus we still have lots of scrapbooking to do!! :)

SueMac said...

Erica, so impressed with your wise decisions during this time prior to Kendall's deployment -- wow, if only more newlyweds thought the way you do -- you can tell you and Kendall have given this alot of thought. Enjoy and treasure this time together before Kendall leaves. Sue

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