Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh My! How time flies.

It's crazy to think that almost 5 months ago I moved down here to Georgia. I felt like the time here was going to be so long, but it was flown. Kendall got his orders yesterday and we should be out of here within the next two weeks!! Kendall got what is called A-Trap or hometown Recruiting. which means we will be home for about 3 weeks! YAY. 2 of these weeks kendall will work with the local recruiting office during the day. We are so excited to be going back home. and leaving the Georgia humidity!

After these few weeks at home we will be heading to Texas! We are praying that we can get on-post housing because not only will that allow us more time together, but it will also save us the hassle of having to find a new place (something i am not looking forward to doing if we have to.)

We can not wait to see our family and friends and to be HOME again. For years I always wanted to leave Bloomington, and once I do, I can't WAIT to go back!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erica...I just found your blog while viewing your mom's blog. I was immediately intrigued by the striking similarities between your life now and my life 10 years ago! My hubby was Air Force (now civillian) and we got married when we were both 20, just months after he enlisted. Being a military wife is HARD, especially as a newlywed, away from home. I really enjoy reading your posts and reminiscing about the days when I was a newlywed, following my hubby and living Air Force life. I wish you the best and pray God surrounds you with all the love and support you need with the constant moving. Thanks for sharing your story! I'll be following your blog-in a fun, praying for you, interested in your life kinda way, not a weird stalker way. he he he Have a great day! Oh, and my hubby did recruiter duty too-allowed us to get married AT HOME and not have to use leave time! Take care! Keri :)

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