Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Growing Belly

I have just reached 22 weeks of pregnancy, which is absolutely amazing! I So far the only real cravings I've had are foods from back home, which of course I can't eat here :( However, I do really enjoy anything sweet and I will never pass up Macaroni and cheese! According to an app on my phone, our little girl, Marie Isabella Gilliam, is currently about 11 inches long and nearly a pound. It's amazing how much she is already growing!

She also started kicking within the last few weeks. She isn't a huge kicker, typically one time and then she'll wait a while. But every once in a while she will have little kicking fits! Kendall has only gotten the chance to feel once or twice though :( She usually stops when he comes around.

A few weeks ago I did have an ultrasound and found out I do have placenta previa, which means my placenta is covering my cervix.  Although 99% of women's placenta does move away from the cervix, I do have another ultrasound next week to make sure that it has moved like it is supposed to.  So please pray that this is the case! If it has not moved by the time I go into labor I will have to have a C-section as well as there is higher risk of bleeding out.  So we want everything to go safely and smoothly!

Here are some pictures of my belly's progression as far as growing is concerned!
above: 12 weeks 
 above: 13 weeks 
above: 14 weeks 

 above: 15 weeks 
  above: 16 weeks 
  above: 17 weeks
  above: 18 weeks 
  above: 19 weeks
  above: 20 weeks 
 above: 21 weeks 

I have yet to take my 22 week photo, but you can see that my tummy has really grown over the last few months! I am planning on doing several crafts and projects before little Marie is born! So keep an eye out for those! I will also be updating with a photo each week as she continues to grow inside of me :) 

I can't wait til I finally get to meet our little girl! 


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