Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm back home!

Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time since I've blogged regularly and I am very sorry for that! When I had started my new job, although I had plenty of time to blog, I didn't have the drive or determination to keep it up.  However, after much thought and prayer I have made the decision to step down from my full-time job and return home.

There were several things that went into my decision to stay home again.  Part of it were struggles as work. At times things reminded me a bit of high school and the drama that entails.  However, that was not my only reason for quitting.  I also was tired of not being caught up on my laundry, my dishes, heck, my whole house! I was always spending Saturday picking things up, but never actually cleaning and I hated that!

So what will I be doing? 
I have lots of plans in place to help keep me busy as well as make the most of this time home. Some of the everyday things are:
-keep the house picked up/clean
-work on my art (sometimes that will mean going different places to do so)
-take better care of myself with walking and yoga
-getting the nursery ready
-blogging :)

I also have little projects that I am very excited about getting finished as well! Those include, but aren't limited to:
-completely cleaning out my pantry
-reorganizing shelves and closets
-finding creative ways to reuse everyday items

What will my blog posts look like?
I am sure that my posts will slowly change their focus a bit as I get closer to becoming a mom, as well as after I am a mom. However, I will still post recipes, tips and tricks, crafts, etc... If there is ANYTHING you are interested in seeing, please let me know! That way I make sure that I will continue to bring things that are relevant and interesting to my readers!

I am very excited about all these changes and can't wait until I get more settled into a regular schedule!


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