Thursday, May 31, 2012

Military Appreciate Day at the Rodeo!

Even though I've lived in Texas for nearly a year now, I still had yet to go see the Rodeo.  It's not really a first thought of something to do for my husband nor I. However, in honor of memorial day they had a night where the military gets in free! I couldn't pass up a FREE date night! So, after much convincing to get Kendall to go, we decided to enjoy this "Texas experience."

We were surprised at how fun the evening actually was. It was incredibly hot initially and we had to sit on bleachers (not the best place for a pregnant woman to sit!) but overall I feel that I did really well :).

Enjoy a few pictures from that very fun evening! They started off with a show by the US Army Cavalry which was followed by the actual Rodeo. 

I tried to take a picture together and instead he made this face... So I decided it was only fitting to share it with the world! :) Hope we can have more new experiences in the near future!

With love,

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