Saturday, May 28, 2011

My new ride!

So I recently purchased a new bike that I have been riding in place of driving, mostly just to save gas (although the workout aspect is pretty sweet too!)

I even wear my helmet each time i ride! Which is a total first because in the past I would never wear a helmet. But i very much enjoy the safety and assurance knowing I have a bit more protection. As of right now I have ridden a total of about 80 miles in the last 2 weeks and I have already saved almost 5 gallons of gas simply from riding my bike. My goal this month is to only have to fill up my gas tank once!

Another thing I am really beginning to appreciate is the beauties I see from waking up at 5 am everyday for work. I get to experience a world that I previously had rarely seen. Since I work at 6am several days a week I have to get up at about 4:45 am. Although many feel this is incredibly early (and it is!) I am very used to getting up at this time. I absolutely love the opportunity I get each day to see the paintings the Lord provides for us! Here are a few examples:

Now I know these aren't the best quality images or anything as they were taken on my phone, but I do feel that they can capture a bit of those moments in the early morning. However, I really do recommend trying it a few times. Allow yourself to get up about 5:20-5:30 and sit outside on a nice morning with a cup of tea (or coffee) and just revel in the Lords blessings and beauty.


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Debbie Apps said...

Well Said! Just to have the opportunity to sit and "be still" is the privilege to "listen and be aware of His Blessings".

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