Sunday, April 10, 2011

A few exciting things!

So I move back to Texas in almost exactly 4 months! I'm very very excited to finally be back there and to have my husband home!! Kendall has been doing pretty well. He has been rather homesick lately, which is hard. And I have been missing him more and more each day. However, Some really neat things have happened lately for him, which is very exciting!

A few months ago I did a post of how Kendall received "Soldier of the Month." Well after that he also received "Soldier of the Quarter." I am so proud of him!! That is very cool and he will hopefully be promoted in the next month or so!

This past week, Kendall got the chance to meet the Secretary of Defense as well as Katie Couric! Very cool!

Not too much more has been happening with Kendall recently...

I am still doing school, going to graduate at the end of the summer. I am also still working at Bed Bath and Beyond and hoping to transfer to the store in Texas after my move. :)

Overall things are going really well right now. It's really hard feeling like we are just waiting to get our lives back, but I fight that everyday and try to make the most of the time! I very much enjoy getting this chance to be home with my family again! I will miss everyone so much when I leave!

Well have a great night, sorry for such a short post.


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Sasha said...

Wow thats way cool about him meeting them! And awesome you're graduating this year!

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