Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Soldier of the Month!

So this past Friday, Kendall went in front of the Soldier of the Month board. He has to study a ton of information ahead of time. I was so proud of him though. he put so much time in studying the potential information he needed to know! and it all paid off!!

Kendall won Soldier of the Month. and I am so proud of him!!! This should include a promotion here in the next few months :) He most definitely deserved this honor! So here's to you honey!
I am beyond proud of you!

However, Kendall is not only Soldier of the Month, but he is also Husband of the Month to me :) Since Valentine's Day is 14 days away here are 14 things I love about my hubby!

1. I love how he always takes time out of his day to spend with me, even if he's exhausted.
2. I love how he shows an interest in my life and the things I do.
3. I love how he always pushes me to work towards being a better Me.
4. I loves how Kendall is always trying to grow as a man and a husband and I respect that so much!
5. I love how he has WAY more patience than i do.
6. I love how he balance me perfectly. Where i struggle he is strong and where he struggles I am strong.
7. I love how his passion is every present and he is always working towards the things he loves.
8. I love when we love to dream together. Dream of our life together, dream of the places we are going to go, dream of our family, etc...
9. I love that he loves doing nothing, as do i.
10. I love the way he looks at me.
11. I love that he is my best friend!
12. I love how we can talk about absolutely anything together.
13. I love how handsome he is :)
14. and I love that he loves me back!

I love you Kendall! :) Thanks for being such an incredible husband and best friend!

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Britton said...

Congrats to Kendall! What an awesome accomplishment.

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