Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decently uneventful weekend

So not too much has happened this weekend. I recently transfered two of my classes into Online courses. So i have spent most of my time studying. I'm only like halfway done with catch up too. :) So I get to spend my super bowl sunday studying.

Recently I began doing workout classes. They make working out so much fun!! If you haven't taken any workout classes before you should look around your town and see if they offer any you can take. You should definitely check them out! My favorites are step class, kick class, and ride class. Kick is a GREAT upper body workout! Step and Ride are great lower body workouts. They all are really good Cardio workouts.

It has been wonderful getting my eating and working out in order. I feel so much better and healthier. Here are a few things I have recently learned to look for when grocery shopping:

1. When buying bread items - look for no enriched flours or bleached flours
2. Try to avoid items with Sugar in the first few ingredients listed.
3. Avoid hydrogenated oil in the ingredients

Try these simple changes when buying your groceries and it can help change the way your body feels. Every little change you can make to your diet is an amazing change for your health!



Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that read: Don't buy products with sugar listed in the FIRST few ingredients."? Nutritionists agree the first 3 ingredients make up the vast majority of the product.

Erica Gilliam said...

Yeah that's what i meant to say, Thanks for catching that! :)

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