Friday, July 12, 2013

Fine Art Friday | Abandoned Bridge Maxdale, TX

While I was living in Texas I took a few chances to explore the surrounding areas of our town. One day while exploring I found this incredible old bridge. This bridge is located in Maxdale, TX on the Lampasas River. It was fall at the time so there were lots of leaves and it was the closest I had felt to having an actual "Fall" since I had moved there. I went back one day with my camera and what you see below is what the way I saw the world there.

I explored a lot with learning new things about my camera and my lens. For the first time I actually took the lens off my camera and took pictures without it attached (just held it up to the camera). This is now a regular part of how I take pictures, but these were some of the first attempts at that.  They are not all free-lensed, but I will note which ones are.

During the time I lived in Texas, this bridge became a very calming place for me. A place that I would go sit if I just needed to think or to figure things out. It became my little sanctuary and definitely made me feel like I was home again.


The colors in above image are not done with editing. This image was taken free-lenses and the coloring happened naturally.  
Free Lensed 


Free lensed 

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