Monday, June 17, 2013

Such a Lovely Start to Summer

Hey all, I know, I know, it's been 6 months since I've posted! Sorry about that! I hate that I don't post as often as I once have.  Things are definitely different now that I have a 10 month old... That's right, She's 10 months old! Time sure flies. Things have been so much fun with her though.  Last week I bought her a kiddie pool to play in. Although, the water was too cold so she played outside of the pool.

I now have 8 teeth! And I'm working on my 9th! 
I love to kick my legs in excitement every time someone picks me up! 
I love to share my toys with you!
I always try to put it into your mouth too! 
I love to eat! Especially food that Mommy is eating! 

I love to crawl around and climb up on anything I can!
I also like to hold your hands and walk around the room!  

I just discovered that I can dance when music is being played! 

I'm a really good sleeper at night now! I sleep all night and then wake up with the sun!
I don't nap very long though. I just want to be a part of everything! 

Water does not scare me at all! I am a little fish!
When I sat on the beach, I wasn't even scared when the waves crashed on me! 

I'm a total poker face. I am always trying to figure things out! 


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Adventuregirl said...

What a cutie Marie was! It was great to meet you the other night at Stone Country!:)

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