Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Week of Improvements

Marie has been doing so well over the last few days! When she first arrived at the NICU she had to breathe with a CPAP machine, however now she is breathing completely on her own.  She is also feeding really well.  She actually gets really upset because they don't feed her enough.  The nurses tend to feed her more than they are supposed to because she would get so fussy.

They have also begun the process of getting her to be able to maintain her own temperature.  She is now able to wear clothing and they watch her temperature throughout the day waiting for her to get warm in the heated bed. Once she gets hots they turn down the temperature of her bed.  Once they get to 28 degrees Celsius they will take her out of the incubator and put her in a regular crib!

On Saturday we began the process of trying to breastfeed her.  She doesn't quite understand it yet, but we are trying once a day for now and once she gets it a little better we will try it more often each day.  We are guessing that the longest part of her stay in the NICU will be from getting used to feeding.

I have been taking several pictures of our little cutie each day! Here are some of the ones I've taken:

Left: Daddy was giving her a bath today :) She hated the bath portion, but was very calm and content after she was dried and in fresh clothing! 

Overall she has been doing really well!! I can't wait til she can finally join us at home! 



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Anne said...

Prayers for continued strength for you and your little one. Hang in there & take one day at a time. I've been there. My 33-weeker (now 4 1/2!) started preschool today. :)

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