Thursday, August 16, 2012

33 weeks pregnant update | Hospital Stay, Placenta Previa

Hey everyone! So I have officially made it to 33 weeks in my pregnancy, which is absolutely amazing! This is such a God thing because I have bled 4 times throughout the last month of pregnancy, which is a huge thing when one has placenta previa.

A few weeks ago I did an update on what was going on with my pregnancy and my hospital stay and I wanted to share with you what has been going on over the last few weeks.  My last hospital stay lasted just a couple days under 2 weeks and then I went home after a week of no bleeding.  However, a week later, I was at a dr appointment and had more bleeding as we were walking to leave.  Since we were already at the hospital, we just went up to triage and told them.  I was then admitted to the hospital once again.

This time, I won't be leaving after a week of no bleeding, I will be staying here until Marie makes her wonderful entrance! I am currently on bed rest with bathroom privileges, which means that I can get up to shower and go to the restroom and other than that, I'm in bed.  Their goal is to get me to 36 weeks and then they will decide whether they want to deliver her then or wait another week until my scheduled c-section on September 12.  So we will be meeting our little girl sometime in the next 4 weeks! We are very excited!!

In the meantime I will be trying to find some crafts to work on as well as other things to keep me busy.  I'm not a huge reader most of the time, but if you have any suggestions on things to do, I would love your opinions!

Some things I would like to accomplish, assuming I can get the supplies to do so:

1. Felt owl mobile in pinks and browns
2. Knitting hats and some mittens
3. Knitting some wool soakers to wear over the cloth diapers in several sizes
4. Hand piece the top of a blanket

However, right now I don't have any supplies to do any of these, so hopefully soon.  I tried ordering online, but I really can't find what I was wanting, so I was a little disappointed!

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me a lot these next few weeks!
With love,

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