Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now Let's Jam!

Recently I made the decision that I would try my hand a making my own jam and canning it. First of all, I had never canned anything before or even remotely used a canner. Second of all, I had never made homemade jam before or even remotely seen someone make homemade jam. So this was definitely going to be an adventure. But i was very excited for this challenge. I have loved making my own homemade bread and wanted to start making even more things from scratch!

I'm not going to post the entire step by step of what I did, because I don't feel like i'm really any kind of expert right now, BUT i will link you to the site that I followed: It made things pretty easy to follow :)

It turned out GREAT! It tastes amazing and the canning process was actually pretty easy as a whole. I'm going to start really trying to making more kinds of jams and canning more things! I absolutely love it!

Next time, I'm thinking Apple Butter :)


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