Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another couponing trip :)

Yesterday I made another trip over to Walgreens and got some more AMAZING deals! I wanted to share those with you. If you ever have any questions about couponing, beginning doing it, or how to find deals, let me know and I will definitely help you the best I can!

So here is everything I purchased today:

I spent a total of $4.32 for everything!


Original Price: $7.99
Coupon: -$4.00
Total Price paid: $4.32
THEN received $3.00 Register Rewards!


Toothpaste Original Price: $4.29
Sale Price: $3.99
Coupon: -$1.50
Total Price: $2.50

Dawn Original Price: $1.50
Sale Price: $0.99
Total Price: $0.50

GRAND TOTAL: $3.00 paid with $3.00 register rewards from previous transaction.
THEN received $2.00 Register Rewards from the Toothpaste :)

Total paid: $0.00


Dawn Original Price: $1.50
Sale Price: $0.99
No coupon on this transaction but I didn't need one.
Total: $0.99

Shaving cream Original Price: $2.00
Store Coupon Price: $0.99
Total: $0.99

GRAND TOTAL: $2.00 paid with $2.00 register rewards from previous transaction :)

Ultimately I only paid for the first transaction and then used the register rewards for the rest of the purchases! It's like I got the Air Wick thing for $4.00 and everything else was FREE!
Pretty awesome I'm not going to lie. Definitely going to keep this up!

Quick side note: If you notice, I get the really good deals on the smaller sizes of things like dawn and toothpaste. Although this is not always the case, it is most commonly what is the best deal.  However, right now I have 3 things of 4 oz. toothpaste (the expensive kinds) and I have paid maybe $0.50 total. So the small things add up. I just have more quantities of the small items and we won't run out of toothpaste or dawn for a long time! 

Couponing is definitely worth it :)

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Anita Pulla said...

Oh My Goodness ur kidding me!! I had A Couponing wiz right in front of me and I had no idea! I definitely need help! I tried to start on my own after watching those couponing shows and I've had NO luck! half the time there aren't even coupons in the sunday paper Help! :( LOL

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