Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm in Texas!

Hey everyone! I am finally here and settled! I absolutely love my new home! It is absolutely beautiful and my family completely blessed me by helping me unpack nearly everything! They helped it truly become a home! I will be posting pictures within the next few days :)

So this week I dealt with confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. However, I also got the chance to feel blessed, content, and true joy. It was an amazing week and i wouldn't have traded anything that happened!

On Monday morning, we packed up the moving truck! My dad had two guys come over and that was such a help! I don't know what we would have done without them! Everything was so heavy! haha However, the sky was amazing!

A few weeks ago, my mom met a woman at an event she was speaking at and she gave her the name of a woman here in Killeen who I needed to connect with. Her name is Elizabeth May, and she and her husband, Chris, are working to become the new leaders of the Hospitality House here in Killeen, TX . The Hospitality House is a place that is made to bless the people of the military. Right now they have dinner and bible studies every Friday night and they open up their home to soldiers on the weekends so that they can get out of the barracks and into a positive environment. Check out the hospitality house here:

I got into contact with Elizabeth before I came down here simply to hear about her organization and then I asked her if she knew any guys who could help us move a piano (We only had my dad and 2 brothers). She ended up sending 7 people!! They had a youth group from Kansas working with them for the week on a missions trip. They showed up at my house and had the ENTIRE moving truck emptied in about 20minutes!!! It was incredible! THEN, if that wasn't enough, she sent over homemade dinner for us so that we didn't have to cook! Overall, the Lord was definitely there to bless us that day!

On Friday, my family and I went down to Austin in the afternoon for a fun day in the city. We went to the history museum there, and then we went to the Congress Avenue Bridge and watched 1.5 MILLION bats wake up and fly out of under the bridge! It was one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! If you haven't been there to experience that, next time you're in the Austin, TX area, stay in the city until about 730 and go over to the bridge. They will fly right before the sun sets!

Overall, we had an amazing week! I can't wait to continue to get settled in and then have Kendall come home!! It's all coming up so quickly! But God has been blessing us, and we are so thankful for that!! :)



Sasha said...

Those pictures are amazing! Glad your move went so well :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the bats in Austin several years ago too! Friends of mine live there. I'm glad you had such a "smooth move". Kendall will be thrilled to see how you have made it so "homey". Can't wait to see pics! Love, Gramma Debbie

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