Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm finally home.

It's so amazing to finally have a chance to feel "at home" in my new place! I have spent so much time cleaning and i would say i'm only partially the way there! BUT things are getting more and more like home!! So I wanted to share my new home with all of you. Enjoy! (so sorry some of them are turned the wrong way, i couldn't figure out how to rotate them)

I absolutely love it! :)

Also, today i have been scrubbing the grout in between the tiles in the kitchen with bleach water. Here is the difference:



It has made such a difference!! I love how much nicer it all works!


1 comment:

Sasha said...

looks way nice! I'm so jealous of your piano. That looks like the one we have that my brother gets just because he is the oldest. So not fair.

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